Foundations of Financial Gerontology

An introduction to Financing Longevity™ classes targeted to professionals in the field of aging

About the Program

Financing Longevity™
The good news is that people are living longer, with today's 60-year-olds anticipating more than 25 years of additional lifespan. The challenge is that people need to determine how they will provide for their financial needs for many years past traditional retirement, while simultaneously planning for elderly parents.

Since 1990 the emerging field of Financial Gerontology has focused on linking applied research in aging and gerontology to financial service professionals - financial planners, accountants, elderlaw attorneys, long-term care insurance counselors.

In 2002, the American Institute of Financial Gerontology [AIFG] was established to create a targeted educational program for financial service professionals who work with older individuals and families. In effect, the initial program was designed to bring gerontological education to financial professionals already working in the senior market.

Origins of the "Foundations" Track
As the AIFG program for financial professionals developed, it became clear that many professionals outside of the financial specialties -- such as social workers, agency administrators and staff, care managers, lawyers and paralegals, therapists, eldercare providers -- are seeking fundamental but targeted education in the multiple connections between aging concepts & issues and financial concepts & issues.

In effect, they are looking for insights regarding how financial basics apply to their field.

In response to this need, the AIFG is happy to announce Foundations of Financial Gerontology, a new three-course track of specialized seminars and workshops, designed in partnership with the American Society on Aging. Foundations of Financial Gerontology includes three courses from the AIFG professional designation curriculum (the RFG program) and draws upon the substantial experience of the AIFG faculty, all of whom are nationally-known educators.

A certificate of completion will be awarded by the American Institute of Financial Gerontology.

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