About the RFG Program

Those who successfully complete the Registered Financial Gerontologist® program become fully equipped to:

  • Deliver financial solutions in a comprehensive manner with increased knowledge of the older client's broad based needs,
  • Enhance your credibility and position in the marketplace, and
  • Learn the skills necessary to increase sales and earnings.

Mastering the RFG course of study will drastically differentiate you from your competition by providing in-depth knowledge of prospective clients -- biology, psychology, sociology and demography - and help you understand the lifelong wealth span issues and aspirations of aging individuals.

The RFG program is appropriate for financial professionals in a wide variety of fields who are interested in specializing in the practice of wealth span planning for older consumers and their families. For example, professionals in the following disciplines will benefit from mastering the RFG program elements:

  • Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Insurance Agents
  • Financial Planners
  • Reverse Mortgage Lenders

Those who successfully complete the RFG program will be financial professionals who:

  • Successfully complete a curriculum taught by leading academics and practitioners from several disciplines within the field of financial gerontology
  • Pass a comprehensive certification exam.

Continuing education is recommended for those who complete the RFG program.

The curriculum for the REGISTERED FINANCIAL GERONTOLOGIST program includes four core courses plus a growing selection of electives.

The core courses cover:

  • An exploration of the longevity, boomer demographics and recent financial history as elements of the new science of wealth span planning
  • The connections between health, wealth and aging analyzed via the basic physical and psychological processes of aging as influenced by social dynamics
  • An examination of how ethical and legal issues affect financial advisors and their clients over the course of the lifespan
  • The challenge of financing longevity, seen through age-sensitive strategies for transforming accumulated wealth into lifelong income.

Current electives explore:

  • Family and intergenerational aspects of aging
  • The aging network of community resources available to financial advisors
  • The financing of long-term care solutions
  • Financial preparedness for later life
  • Successful marketing to the 50+ consumer.

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